RBP Mass Pro Forged Wheels

RBP Mass Pro Forged Wheels

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Brand NEW!!!


Better pricing than custom build forged.
Check with your dealer for immediate pricing and details.

  • 9 premium RBP Styles (11QF Tycoon, 12QF Apex, 29QF Thunder, 37QF Horizon, 43QF Allegiance, 65QF Glock, 74QF Silencer, 78QF UZI, 81QF Saharan).
  • 3 FORGED WHEEL Sizes (22x12, 24x14 and 26x14).
  • MASS PRODUCTION processes save money by gained efficiency.
  • In-STOCK-NOW pricing lower than individually built custom forged.
  • MASS PRODUCTION facility is overseas production.
  • Detailed part number and tech info engraved in back rim flange.
  • High Luster “touchless – tumbled” polishing. Completely automated fully polishes outside and inside of wheel. Commonly known as “SHOW POLISH”
  • Directional wheels come as Rights and Lefts
  • RBP FORGED Logo and R-Star engraved 2x on outer rim flange


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